MUST-SEE: Texas Grandpa TACKLES Armed Robber, Rescues Young Woman

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(Slay News) – When a 73-year-old Texas man rolled up in his truck while a young woman was being attacked by an armed robber, no one could have predicted the grandpa was about to save the day.

Simon Mancilla Sr., a grandfather of eleven, managed to rescue a young woman after seeing her being choked by the armed assailant.

Despite getting himself bloodied and having his truck stolen during the incident, Mr. Mancilla didn’t think twice when he saw a woman being accosted outside a North Houston check-cashing store.

He immediately pulled up in his pickup and tried to diffuse the situation.

“I don’t have any choice,” Mancilla told KHOU.

“Hey, man … don’t make a problem,” Mancilla recalled saying to the armed robber from his truck.

The gunman then forced Mancilla out of his pickup.

However, the thug got the surprise of his life when 73-year-old Mancilla fought back and started thrashing the armed robber with his bare hands.

He and the robber exchanged blows, with Mancilla being hit in the head by a pistol and eventually falling to the ground.

Despite the efforts of two other good Samaritans who came to the scuffle, the robber managed to take off in Mancilla’s truck.

One of the other good Samaritans even briefly clung to the side of Mancilla’s truck as it sped away.

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Mancilla never saw the men coming to his aid since, according to his son, “His eyes were full of blood, he couldn’t see anyone.”

Mancilla required several stitches.

Houston police released a video of the incident caught on a nearby cell phone.


The gunman had grabbed the young woman who had just left the check-cashing store when Mancilla got involved.

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