MUST-SEE: Top Journalist Goes on MSNBC, SHREDS Network

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(SNews) – During an appearance on MSNBC, reporter Matt Taibbi called out the network for spreading so many false stories.

Taibbi was a frequent guest on MSNBC until he refused to push the fake Trump-Russia hoax.

He wasn’t invited back on until last week when he sat for a heated interview with MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan.

He won’t be invited back any time soon either because Taibbi called out MSNBC on live television for pushing six years of fabricated propaganda about President Donald Trump.

During the interview, MSNBC anchor Mehdi Hasan made repeated attempts to smear Taibbi over his reporting on the Twitter Files.

Taibbi fired back at Hasan, however, and called out MSNBC.

“The hilarity of this coming from MSNBC, which did nothing but vomit up fake Russian hit stories that came straight from the FBI for six consecutive years, you guys still haven’t apologized for it.”

“Well, that was predictable,” Hasan said.

“I wasn’t there in that period, so I have nothing to apologize for.”

At one point, Taibbi said: “Incompetent? Are you kidding me? You’re MSNBC.

“My God, you guys had six consecutive years of just screwups on the Russia story.

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“Apparently I’ve gotten, like, one thing wrong, or a few things wrong, but mostly I think these stories are going to hold up over the test of time.

“Unlike your Russiagate story.”

“I think he did a tremendous public service,” Taibbi said of Elon Musk.

Hasan tried to trash Taibbi for telling House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) it was an “honor” to testify before Congress on government censorship.

Taibbi said: “It is an honor to talk to Congress, it was an honor.

“I’m proud that I did that.”

Taibbi next turned the tables and brought up MSNBC claiming the Hunter Biden laptop story was false “Russian disinformation.”

Mehdi said: “I never said a word about the Hunter Biden story.”

However, Mehdi highlighted his own corrupt position with the comment as a real journalist would have reported on the story.

Taibbi called the Democrats a “threat” to free speech while Hasan said Republicans are the “biggest” threat to the First Amendment.

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