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(The Post Millennial) – In a recent video from the Daily Show asking people on the street about vaccine mandates, Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper was slammed by the vice president of the New York Young Republican Club, who suggested the vaccine mandates were similar to restrictions in Martin Luther King Jr.’s times.

“What are you gonna miss out on, this mandate prevents you from doing?” Klepper asked.

“I just tried to get some Thai — I love Thai food. I just tried to get some Thai food around the corner, they told me I couldn’t sit down and eat unless, you know, I had a vaccine mandate,” replied Vish Burra, who also serves as a special operations coordinator for Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

“Now I believe things like that were said to Martin Luther King when he tried to walk into places to eat, but they said — they had a different reason to make them a second-class citizen,” he continued.

“Comparing yourself to MLK are big words for a guy wearing 80’s B-Boy Jeans,” replied Klepper.

“Actually, these are not 80’s B-Boy jeans. They are new True Religions. I know you can’t tell because you’re a Democrat and you can’t afford these things,” Burra slammed.

“Enjoy, I hope you don’t get sick,” replied Klepper.

Burra replied and said he would, asking Klepper whether he already got sick. Klepper said he had.

“Ha, that sucks, too bad for you,” said Burra.

“That’s the empathy that the young Republicans bring. Thank you,” Klepper concluded.

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