OUTRAGE: FBI Violates Court Order – REFUSES to Hand Over The Evidence

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(Slay News) – The FBI is refusing to hand over evidence it has related to murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich’s laptop.

Last month, a U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Texas ordered the FBI to “produce the information it possesses related to Seth Rich’s laptop.”

Judge Amos L. Mazzant gave the FBI 14 days to surrender the evidence.

However, the 14-day deadline has now passed and the FBI is refusing to hand over the information, in direct violation of the court order.

This week, Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration asked for more time to respond to Judge Mazzant’s order.

The bureau is also reportedly withholding three reports produced by CrowdStrike in 2016 regarding the alleged hack of the DNC servers.

Young Democratic Party aide Seth Rich’s murder has still left many questions unanswered.

He was shot in the back twice in the early morning of July 10, 2016, near his home in Washington D.C.

He died later in the hospital.

The police recorded the event as a robbery and yet Rich’s phone, wallet, and personal items were with him when the police arrived.

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Police in Washington, D.C., never identified his killer, and there was a vacuum of reliable information.

Some people suspect Rich was the source of Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta’s emails which were obtained by WikiLeaks before the 2016 Election.

Rich was killed shortly after the emails were handed to WikiLeaks.

These emails were ignored by the corporate mainstream media but were shared by Wikileaks and on social media at that time.

The FBI had previously denied possessing any information or files related to the Seth Rich murder.

However, that was not true and eventually, the information was discovered.

Attorney Ty Clevenger took the federal government to court and last month the FBI was ordered to turn over information on Seth Rich’s computer that they possessed.

The FBI was also ordered to hand over documents pertaining to Crowdstrike and the purported hack of the DNC in 2016.

Despite the order, the FBI is refusing to hand over the information.

“The FBI has cited only one narrow basis for withholding the records related to Seth’s laptop, namely his privacy,” Clevenger said.

“I’m not sure why it takes four weeks and an appellate lawyer to figure out why the judge did or didn’t get that issue right.

“In any event, I’m reminded of something that I learned almost thirty years ago when I was a newspaper reporter: People with nothing to hide don’t try to hide nothing.”


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