OUTRAGE: Woke Teacher Caught Boasting about “Indoctrinating” Children

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(SNews) – A Texas middle school teacher has been caught boasting about “indoctrinating” children with her “woke” gender identity agenda, according to reports.

Kelsey McCracken teaches math at W.A. Meacham Middle School, located in the Fort Worth Independent School District.

Fox News identified McCracken as the teacher that features in a video that emerged on social media.

In the video first posted to TikTok, McCracken gloats that she interrogated each of her classes about whether they believed a non-binary identity made them uncomfortable.

“Indoctrinating the youth,” she said in the classroom, adding that kids were “lining up at my door.”

McCracken told students to use the word “Mx.” instead of “Ms.” and came out to them as non-binary.

“For me the students are amazing about it,” she said.

“Pretty much all of my students call me ‘Mx.’ or call me by my first name…

“There are some [staff] around the school who still call me ‘Ms.’

“I just don’t have the energy or effort to correct them.”

The educator explained that using the term “Mx.” (pronounced “mix”) “incorporates the Mi in miss and the Mi in mister so it’s ‘Mx.’”

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“So one of my students asked me a question and I wanted to get TikTok’s opinion on it,” McCracken said.

“You know how the respectful thing to say to people is ma’am or sir.

“I’ve come out to my students.

“All my students know that I’m non-binary,” she claimed.

“Most of my students call me Mx.

“Most of the staff calls me Mx. or coach.

“But a lot of people falter when it comes to … ma’am.

“And one of my students came up to me the other day and said ‘Mx. what do I call you because if I say ‘Yes Ma’am that feels disrespectful but If I just say ‘Yes’ that also feels disrespectful?’

“My genuine question is, is there a non-binary way of saying that?”

Later, McCracken responded to a TikTok comment which said the teacher shouldn’t be including the teacher’s “gender confusion” in the classroom.

She used a soundbite that said, “I cannot stand this sh*t. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang – click click – reload, can’t stand it,” while using a hand pointing at the teacher’s head as a gun.

McCracken also responded to the “gender confusion” comment by interviewing each of the teacher’s classes throughout the day on whether a non-binary identity makes them “uncomfortable.”

“I don’t know maybe I’ll ask the kids’ opinion,” McCracken said.

“Does calling me ‘Mx.’ make you confused?

“Does me going by ‘Mx.’ make Y’all confused about yourselves.

“That’s interesting.”


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