RED ALERT: Biden’s DHS Issues ‘Worst-Case’ Announcement at Southern Border

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(Big League Politics) – DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas asked department officials if they were prepared for a “worst-case” scenario in which 400,000 illegal immigrants rushed across the southern border in the month of October alone, according to reporting from NBC.

Such a massive inflow of migrants across the southern border would have smashed the records for the most illegal immigration in one month, which Biden’s administration broke in July with 210,000 migrants entering the United States.

Mayorkas was concerned with the pending termination of Title 42, a public health authority implemented by the Trump administration that allowed quick expulsion of illegals on account of the coronavirus. A liberal judge had ordered the Biden administration to cease use of Title 42 in September, with the ruling taking effect on Thursday. However, at the last minute, a federal appeals court upheld the legality of Title 42, keeping it in place.

The court ruling to preserve Title 42 is a temporary stay, making it likely globalist NGO’s and pro-immigration billionaires will be able to wage further legal challenges to the authority.

Even with Title 42 in place, Biden has increasingly refused to deport illegal immigrants, most recently allowing more than half of the Haitian migrant caravan camped out at Del Rio Interational Bridge US residency. The foreign minister of Panama has warned that 60,000 illegal migrants are traveling north towards the US-Mexico border in pursuit of US residency, citizenship, welfare benefits and voting rights, questioning as to why the Biden administration had failed to act to deter mass illegal immigration.

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