Red Alert: Dems Plotting Sinister Demise For Donald Trump

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(SNews) – Republican lawmakers are raising the alarm about Democrat President Joe Biden’s weaponization of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

On Sunday, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) warned the American people that Biden and the Democrats are seeking to hand a “death sentence” to President Donald Trump.

Mace said during a Fox Business interview that Biden’s DOJ is hoping to send Trump to prison for the rest of his life over accusations of mishandling classified material.

“Joe Biden wants to give Donald Trump a death sentence for documents,” Mace asserted.

“He’s facing hundreds of years for mishandling documents, and they want him to die in jail.”

“Every time the Oversight Committee has evidence of corruption, bribery, money laundering on the Biden family, they indict Donald Trump,” the congresswoman further noted.

“Most of America sees this for what it is: It’s weaponizing the executive branch to take out your political enemies.”

Mace also noted that the likes of Hillary Clinton are “bragging” about a “two-tiered system of justice.”

The double standards are allowing Democrats can get away with the very crimes they accuse their political opponents of committing.

Mace told host Maria Bartiromo and guest Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) that the investigation into the Biden family dealings needs to be picked up.

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“We next need to subpoena more bank records,” Mace said.

“I want to go back to Treasury… I want to re-review the suspicious activity reports and start to connect those dots because what we do know, the layering, the scheme of shell companies — and it said this in the 1023 document we reviewed on Thursday — they made it complicated.

“They bragged how it would take the U.S. government ten years to follow the money.”

“If we don’t do anything, it’s lost,” Mace urged.

“This country is lost.”


Meanwhile, speaking at an event in Colorado, Republican Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) warned:

“If the people in power can put in jail their political opponents, we don’t have a republic anymore.

“That’s the danger we’re in.”

“It is a moment of danger” because the Left is “assaulting the very foundations of our nation,” Hawley urged.

The senator noted that the next four to six years will determine the fate of the country for the next five or six decades.


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