Red Alert: Legal Scholar Exposes Democrats’ Plan to Block Trump

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(SNews) – George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley has warned that the Democrats’ plan to block President Donald Trump from getting on the ballot in many states is “the single most dangerous constitutional theory” he has seen.

Democrats are hoping to block Trump using the 14th Amendment.

Turley said: “I think this is the single most dangerous constitutional theory I have seen pop up in decades.

“I mean, this is an argument that under the 14th Amendment, Donald Trump can be barred from running again, ever holding office in the federal government because he violated his oath.”

Turley continued by explaining that Democrats are trying to claim that Trump “supported an insurrection or rebellion.”

“Under the 14th Amendment, you have this bar on federal office, if you supported or if you gave aid and comfort to an insurrection or rebellion,” the legal scholar explains.

“Now, of course, that brings you to the original question.

“What was January 6th?

“In the view of many citizens, including myself, it was a protest that became a riot,” Turley noted.

“It was not a rebellion or insurrection.

“But that’s a matter of disagreement between citizens.

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“But Donald Trump hasn’t been charged with insurrection, not even incitement.

“Special Counsel Jack Smith charged him with a variety of crimes like fraud.

“He notably did not charge him with even incitement.”

Last week, Turley warned during an appearance on Fox News that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s indictment of Trump is “dangerous.”

He noted that the politically motivated move “essentially criminalizes challenges to elections.”


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