SEE IT: DOJ’s Redacted Affidavit for FBI’s Trump Raid

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(TStarnes) – The Department of Justice released the redacted affidavit Friday that led to the FBI’s raid on President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate earlier this month.

“I hope the American people see through this. It’s very disturbing,” national radio host Todd Starnes said. “Just more evidence we need to defund and dismantle the FBI.”


Click here to see the redacted memo explaining the reason for redactions, which did not include “national security,” Breitbart reports. The vast majority of “reasons for withholding” are blacked out, except for one: “agent safety.” Click here to see.

Florida judge Bruce Reinhart, who signed off on the FBI’s search warrant, ordered that the Biden DOJ make public a redacted version of the affidavit that led to the unprecedented Aug. 8 raid. He said the redactions were sufficiently narrow.

“I find that the government has met its burden of showing a compelling reason/good cause to seal portions of the affidavit,” he wrote, explaining the marked out portions were necessary to protect witnesses, agents and parties who had not been charged – as well as the overall strategy and scope of the probe.

Even the reasons for the redactions were redacted:

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Before the release, Trump posted the following statement on Truth Social:

The political Hacks and Thugs had no right under the Presidential Records Act to storm Mar-a-Lago and steal everything in sight, including Passports and privileged documents. They even broke into my safe with a safecracker – Can you believe? This Act was created for a very good reason, and it works. We are right now living in a Lawless Country, that just so happens to be, also, a Failing Nation!

The House GOP Judiciary Committee mocked the release in a tweet:

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