SHAMEFUL: CNN’s Stelter Says NEWS Anchors Were America’s Heroes on 9/11

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(Big League Politics) – CNN personality Brian Stelter chose to begin the 20th anniversary of 9/11 with an inexplicable tweet that highlighted news media hosts as the supposed “national leaders” of America on the day of the fateful terrorist attack, inviting rebuke from red-blooded Americans.

Stelter claimed that media personalities such as Dan Rather were the ‘moral authority’ of America that day.

Stelter’s arrogant tweet completely disregarded the Americans who were actually the heroes of that day- including firefighters and first responders who rushed into the burning World Trade Center towers, and the martyrs aboard Flight 93 who rushed the cockpit and sacrificed their own lives to prevent a terrorist attack on the nation’s capital. President Bush and Mayor Rudy Giuliani were also widely viewed as national leaders the day of 9/11. Suggesting that journalists were viewed as some kind of moral authority or national leaders at the time is nothing short of a revision of history.

Stelter was immediately made a target of mockery and derision for his delusional self-aggrandizement, with Twitter users blasting the insanity required to believe that journalists were the real heroes of 9/11.

The CNN ‘disinformation’ reporter attempted to divert outrage after it became clear he would face a ratio for his insolence, attempting to pawn off criticism on the writer of the AP article he shared.

The digital public wasn’t having it, holding Stelter to account for his interpretation of history which regarded journalists as the heroes of 9/11.

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