Shock: Democrat Crashes Uninsured Car While Driving on Suspended License

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(SNews) – A controversial far-left Boston Democrat lawmaker has left a 7-year-old child injured after crashing her car while driving illegally.

Kendra Lara, 33, was driving on a “revoked license” in an unregistered car without insurance when she crashed into a house, injuring her son, Zaire.

Lara is Boston’s first black socialist city council member.

Zaire, Lara’s son, was transported to Boston Children’s Hospital where he received “several stitches” stemming from injuries sustained in the crash.

She lied to police and attempted to blame another driver, who she claimed she swerved to avoid while speeding.

Her son was described as being “seriously injured” due to not wearing a safety belt inside the vehicle at the time of the crash.

The police department submitted a 51A report to the Department of Children and Families citing “neglect and failure to use a proper car seat for the child’s safety.”

She is now under investigation for “child abuse and neglect.”

This is not Lara’s first brush with scandal, however.

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According to The New York Post:

In addition to reports, backed up by posts Lara has made on Twitter, she supports the defunding of police and the abolition of prisons.

She also lives in income-restricted housing meant for people with lower salaries, according to several accounts.

She was also the subject of a vulgar tape circulating for the past five months that apparently shows Owen Thomas, a Boston charter school teacher, talking happily about having just completed a sex act with the public official.

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