Shock: Dems Caught Doctoring Key J6 Footage

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(SNews) – Democrats and their allies on the anti-Trump Jan. Committee doctored security footage from the U.S. Capitol to make the events on January 6, 2021, appear more violent.

The raw footage from the Capitol shows that Democrats doctored the videos with dramatic “Hollywood-style” sound effects.

On Friday, Just The News reporter John Solomon released unedited Jan. 6 footage that proves the Democrats’ January 6 House Select Committee presented footage with edited audio.

Solomon was one of three journalists who was granted access to the raw footage by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) last week.

In a video presented during a Congressional hearing, rioters can be seen breaking windows and entering the Capitol building during the Jan. 6 election protests in 2021.

In the committee’s footage, people can be heard shouting “go, go, go” overlayed over sounds of windows breaking and loud bangs.

The footage also contained the voice of a Capitol Police officer yelling, “We have a breach in the Capitol!”

The doctored audio seems to have been added to invoke fear in the viewer and exaggerate the events to appear more violent.

Solomon shared the unedited footage for the first time on Friday.

Because the security cameras don’t record audio, the uncut footage was completely silent with none of the sounds added in by the committee’s production team.

“That footage was thrown in there to create a dramatic, movie-like effect,” Solomon said.

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“It’s no longer evidence now.

It’s now been turned into, a little bit of propaganda.

“It’s one thing if they told the public that they did it, but they don’t.”

The committee also doctored the audio on an overhead shot detailing the initial breach of Capitol Police lines in front of the building.

Like the CCTV footage from inside the building, the footage was altered to include the intimidating sounds of a loud, angry mob.


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