Shock: Disney Hires Grown Man to Dress as Minnie Mouse in Newest Campaign

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(SNews) – Disney has hired a grown man who claims to be transgender for a campaign to promote children’s clothes for young girls.

Seann Altman, a biological male who claims to be “gender fluid,” has been hired by the company to promote girls’ apparel on its Disney Style TikTok channel with over 260,000 followers.

Altman, a man who is described as a transgender influencer, appeared in a promotional video for Disney Style’s TikTok account.

The channel focuses on promoting “Disney-inspired makeup and outfit tutorials, DIY projects, and all things Disney art & fashion.”

Disney Style also has a YouTube channel of the same name with over 530,000 subscribers.

As reported by Breitbart, Altman believes he is “gender fluid” – a leftist term that describes someone who claims they can switch between male and female, despite it being scientifically impossible to do so.

In the video, Altman is dressed in a women’s Minnie Mouse-themed outfit with a red dress, yellow pumps, and a red hair bow to promote the kids’ clothing range.

Altman showed himself getting dressed and applying makeup.

He shared the video on his own page with over 717,000 subscribers.

The video garnered 865,000 views.

“Minnie is ME!” Altman wrote as the caption.

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“I fit right in with Mickey and his friends!”

“I literally look like Minnie Mouse!” he says excitedly.


Altman routinely boasts about his father’s participation in his modeling of women’s clothing.

The pinned post on Altman’s Twitter page shows his father photographing him in a dress covered in rose petals for Valentine’s Day.

A Father’s Day appreciation post by Altman on TikTok included the following in its caption:

“To the best dad I could ever ask for!

“Thank you for letting me become the person I am today.

“Giving me the freedom to express my creativity and supporting me in so many ways.

“From helping me with creative projects, giving me guidance in life …

“It pains me that the family dynamic I have with my father is abnormal for so many.

“I find it shocking and disheartening!

“The world would be a better place if fathers accepted their kids as they are!”

In May 2023, Disneyland was accused of employing a man in a dress with a mustache to greet children as they enter a fantasy boutique.

The “Enchanted Chamber” store is a place where children can buy attire to look like princes or princesses.

The employee, who appeared to be a man in a dress, was seen greeting little girls at the salon and dress shop called the “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.”

The expensive store allows children to use “magic mirrors” and get their hair done and makeup applied.

The makeovers at the boutique are limited to the ages of 3 to 12.

A video posted to Twitter shows the man in makeup and a dress waving to a child and saying, “So, my name is Nick, I’m one of the fairy godmother’s apprentices.”

“I’m here to shop you around and make all your selections for the day,” he continued.


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