SHOCK: NYC Burger King Customers ARRESTED For Not Showing Green Pass (Video)

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(The Post Millennial) – The Burger King at Fulton and Adams Streets in Brooklyn, near Borough Hall, in Downtown Brooklyn was the site of an anti-mandate rally Monday, whereupon protesters gathered to protest the city’s vaccine mandate on Monday evening.

After protests outside Brooklyn’s Borough Hall, the current office of Mayor-Elect Eric Adams, protestors were arrested for trespassing after refusing to show their vaccine cards at a local Burger King. Hundreds of protestors made their case in freezing Brooklyn temps, demanding that Adams lift the mandates upon taking office in January.

Protestors were unable to get service at the fast-food franchise because they refused to show papers stating their compliance with New York’s vaccine mandate, imposed by outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio. New York City police were called in, whereupon they arrested protestors for allegedly trespassing.

According to local citizen journalist Leeroy Johnson, the NYPD responded and informed that that if they did not leave, they would be arrested. Several were taken out in cuffs and reportedly charged with criminal trespass.

“4 Activists against mandates were arrested today at Burger King in Brooklyn NY. One of the ones who was arrested is Mitchell Bosch an Army veteran who was arrested 4 times last week for defying the mandates,” wrote Johnson.

The protest against the city’s mandates come amid New York’s failure to curb its COVID-19 surge despite the imposition of new restrictions.

New York hit another record on Christmas Eve with 49,708 new cases, breaking its previous figure by thousands as one-in-seven tests come back positive in the state, The Post Millennial reported.

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