Shock Report: Man Wins ‘Miss Netherlands’ 2023

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(SNews) – People have been flooding Twitter to express their outrage after a man was crowned “Miss Netherlands” 2023.

Rikkie Kolle, a 22-year-old man, beat out nine women in the competition to attain the title of “Miss Netherlands” on Saturday.

The issue sparked outrage on social media as many users said the win showed we are experiencing a trend of erasing women by replacing them with men.

The Miss Netherlands competition is part of Miss Universe, which is supposed to be a women-only competition.

Kolle will now move forward to compete in the 72nd Miss Universe pageant in El Salvador later this year.

“A man just won ‘Miss Netherlands’ 2023,” Dutch commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek tweeted.

“Considering the fact that we live in a post-truth world, I wasn’t even expecting anything else,” she added.

“It’s all so predictable and unoriginal at this point.”

Kolle is the first transvestite “Miss Netherlands” winner.

According to Dutch public broadcaster NOS, he also participated in the “Holland’s Next Top Model” television show in 2018.

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He will be the second man to compete in Miss Universe, with the first hailing from Spain in 2018.

Miss Universe has allowed male contestants claiming to be transgender since 2012, People reports.

The Miss Netherlands judges said Kolle “has a strong story with a clear mission.”

They added that they were “convinced that the organization (of Miss Nederland, ed.) will enjoy working” with him, according to translated comments from NOS.

“I DID IT !!!!!” Kolle posted to Instagram.

“It’s unreal but I get to call myself @missnederland 2023,” the translated post says.

“It was an educational and beautiful journey, my year can’t be broken anymore.

“Making my community proud and showing it can be done.”

Many appeared to agree that his win is “unreal.”

Some on Twitter mocked Kolle’s victory, with one user pointing out that it’s really “Mr. Nederland.”

Others posted clown face emojis on their tweets reporting the news.

“The Netherlands is home to some of the most beautiful women on earth,” another account posted.

“Of all these beautiful women, they just nominated a transgender man to be Miss Netherlands 2023.

“A man with a penis should be disqualified from any female beauty pageant and the fact that statement will gain me haters is just insane.”

“The West has completely lost the plot,” another wrote.

Others pointed out the difference between Kolle and the runner-up — a woman — and said it’s clear who the winner should have been.

“Nathalie Mogbelzada is the real Miss Netherlands 2023,” End Wokeness, a popular conservative account, posted in reply to pictures of Kolle and first runner-up Mogbelzada.

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