Shock Report: ‘Printer Error’ Flips A Million Registered Voters to Democrats

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(SNews) – A “printer error” has been blamed after almost one million registered voters in a New York county were mysteriously flipped to being listed as Democrats.

The printer reportedly botched over 976,000 voter registration cards, labeling every single registered voter in Nassau County as a Democrat.

The issue was immediately obvious as Republicans make up over 60% of registered voters in Nassau County.

Conservatives in the county have been left feeling blindsided by the error.

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman told NBC 4 News “We’re already starting to get phone calls from people, saying ‘I’m a registered Republican, I’m a registered Conservative – how come I’m being identified as a Democrat? Who changed my registration?’

“And they’re quite upset about it.”

Blakeman insists that the printing company Phoenix Graphics is to blame for the error.

In a statement, Phoenix Graphics said it was a “human error” that caused the printer to print out botched registration cards.

The company said new registration cards will be mailed out soon.


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This isn’t the first time Phoenix Graphics has had an error regarding botched election materials.

In 2020, Phoenix Graphics mislabeled “official absentee ballot envelope” to Queens and Brooklynn residents.

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