SHOCK REPORT: Sinister Plan Unveiled to Track Public’s Every Move

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(SNews) – The World Economic Forum (WEF) has unveiled a disturbing new plan that seeks to “track” the public’s every move in order to record individuals’ “carbon footprint.”

The agenda was revealed by WEF member J. Michael Evans, the Canadian president of Chinese online retail giant Alibaba.

During a recent WEF event, Evans boasted that the tech to surveil the masses in such a way is currently in development and will be rolled out soon.

Evans said that the plan is to introduce a global system, called an “individual carbon footprint tracker,” to monitor people’s every move.

During his pitch, Evans claimed the technology is being developed to that “consumers can measure their own carbon footprint.”

However, he then revealed what the technology would track and listed things that a person would already know and wouldn’t need to be recorded.

The system would track a person to see “where they are traveling, how they are traveling, what are they eating, what are they consuming on the platforms,” Evans explained.

He then noted that the technology is called an “individual carbon footprint tracker.”

A clip of Evans’ comments was shared on Twitter by Dr. Simon Goddek.

“That individual carbon footprint tracker, however, most likely won’t apply to corporate jets, yachts, or emissions from homes greater than 5,000 sq ft,” Goddek notes.

“This growing obsession with ‘tracking people’ is worrisome and needs to stop!” he warned.

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