Shock: Teen Mob Terrorizes Nordstrom Shoppers, Loots Store

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(TStarnes) – A teenage mob terrorized shoppers at a high-end shopping center Saturday in Canoga Park, according to the Los Angeles Police Dept.

They say a “flash mob” robbed Nordstrom in the Westfield Topanga Shopping Center. As many as 50 thugs ransacked shelves and displays and stole thousands of dollars in merchandise.

NBC News reports that the thugs used bear spray on security guards before staging the robbery.

Go Citizen reported that at least one security guard was treated for injuries.

“Police say the large group of shoplifters fled in multiple Lexuses, BMWs, and other vehicles with no license plates,” Go Citizen reported. “Bear spray was the only weapon reported to have been used in the robbery.”

Video from the scene shows suspects grabbing clothing, purses and even dragging displays with them as they wreaked havoc in just several short minutes, CBS News reports.

Local residents are enraged.

“These pieces of sh- are going to cause every retail store to go out of business,” one angry resident wrote on social media.

“It seems to me that security guards should be provided weapons and live ammo,” said national radio host Todd Starnes. “I guarantee you that’s one way to stop this nonsense.”

Try that in a small town, Starnes said.

“But the problem is that many lawmakers in Los Angeles will turn a blind eye to the lawlessness,” Starnes said. “They consider the looting to be a form of reparations.”

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