SHOCK VIDEO: Top Cardiologist Blows The Whistle!

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(SNews) – Another renowned cardiologist has sacrificed his career to come forward and blow the whistle about the global spike in “sudden and unexpected” deaths and heart attacks in healthy people.

Dr. Peter McCullough has spoken out to warn the public that vaccines are damaging the hearts of young people, including athletes, causing them to suffer cardiac arrests, and in some cases, die prematurely.

In an explosive video interview with WND, McCullough points out that rare cases of sudden death were handled differently in the past.

Long before Covid emerged, athletes who died suddenly were typically diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, an abnormal thickening of the heart, or premature heart blockage.

However, athletes are now thoroughly screened to rule out those conditions.

McCullough points out that peer-reviewed literature has identified vaccines as a cause of myocarditis.

He noted a U.K. study that found about 100 fatal cases of myocarditis linked to the shots.

And he cited a case report published in August in the journal Archives of Pathology that found a connection between a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine and myocarditis in two adolescents.

A case report by South Korean researchers presented the autopsy findings of a 22-year-old man who developed chest pain five days after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and died seven hours later.

“When someone dies and the family doesn’t come out and say anything, or doctors don’t come out and say anything, it’s a reasonable assumption that it was the vaccine, until proven otherwise,” McCullough told WND.

He said that as a cardiologist and scientist, he doesn’t want to scare the public.

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“But I think this is more of a public warning,” he said.

“We’re seeing a strong signal for sudden death that’s almost certainly due to subclinical or clinical myocarditis.”

He explains that there are two patterns of “sudden death” as it typically occurs during a cardio-intensive sporting event or during sleep.

“In both cases, there’s a surge of adrenaline, of cortisol, that helps the body naturally during these periods, and that seems to be a trigger for the arrhythmias,” McCullough said.

He continues by explaining that the natural biochemical change toward the end of the sleep cycle signals the body to wake up.

And, similarly, these hormones produced by the adrenal glands, catecholamines, are released in response to physical exertion or emotional stress.

They can stress the heart and cause it to beat arrhythmically.

And if there is inflammation and scarring, the mechanism can lead to death.

“We’re left with; what is the smoking gun?” McCullough said.

“The only smoking gun is the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The vaccines have surpassed any guardrails for safety,” he concluded.

“They need to be pulled off the market, all of them, and the mandates need to be rescinded.”

McCullough pointed out the many news stories of sudden deaths in which the vaccine status is not reported.

“I think the biggest observation of this is that families have to help us,” he said.

“Yes or no, did they take the vaccine?”


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