VIDEO: Biden Appears Completely CONFUSED During Trip Abroad

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(SNews) – A video has emerged showing Democrat President Joe Biden becoming confused while meeting with crowds during his trip to Ireland.

The president appeared to get so confused that his son Hunter Biden has to step in and help his father.

The official White House transcript from President Biden’s meet-and-greet with embassy families in Dublin is not a good look for the commander-in-chief.

Biden was telling rambling random stories to the crowd and seemed confused and lost when Hunter had to step in and help his dad along.

Hunter had to help the president field a question, make sense of it, and usher him along reminding him he had to do a rope line.

When prompted by Hunter, President Biden said: “I’m supposed to do the rope line?”

Hunter responds as if his dad doesn’t know what a rope line is: “Just to say hi to everybody.”


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