VIDEO: Biden Makes ANOTHER Insane Gaffe (Watch)

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(Slay News) – Democrat President Joe Biden dropped another embarrassing gaffe today by claiming during a press conference that North Korea has joined the U.S. and NATO with “sanctions against Russia.”

While addressing the commencement and commissioning at the U.S. Naval Academy, Biden appeared to go off-script to discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He then listed off nations that had issued sanctions against Russia and bizarrely included rogue state North Korea.

“Did anyone think when I called for sanctions against Russia, that in addition to NATO, that Australia, Japan, North Korea, some of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries would stand up and support those sanctions?” Biden asked.


However, North Korea did no such thing but it has publicly blasted Western nations for the Ukrainian war.

“The root cause of the Ukraine crisis totally lies in the hegemonic policy of the U.S. and the West, which enforce themselves in high-handedness and abuse of power against other countries,” a North Korean foreign ministry spokesperson said after the invasion.

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