VIDEO: Global Governments Discuss “World Order TRANSFORMATION”

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(SNews) – Globalists have been gathering at the World Government Summit in Dubai to discuss advancing plans for a single global government.

World leaders and powerful elites have been flocking to the event this week to pitch ideas for expanding globalism by uniting sovereign nations’ governments.

During a panel discussion at the summit, Professor Arturo Bris from the IMD World Competitiveness Center argued that a “shock” is needed to shift global society away from the current “world order.”

He insisted that the “transformation” of the “world order” “cannot be gradual.”

Bris told attendees that elites and world leaders need to address how to use a “shock” so the world can “go through this transformation.”

“How is this transition going to happen?” Dr. Bris asked

“I totally agree that the world order, the way it is built today, doesn’t make any sense,” he explained.

“That is not in line with the economic powers like India, Brazil, or Germany.

“They don’t have a massive role in the international order.

“But to me, the big question is how we are going to go through this transformation.

“It cannot be gradual,” he asserted.

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“It has to be, has to be, driven by a part, by a certain shock that will happen.

“So now we will reconsider this entire no.”


Elsewhere at the event, World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and chairman Klaus Schwab addressed attendees on his vision for a global government to “master” the human race.

As Slay News reported, Schwab has called for elites attending the World Government Summit in Dubai to come together globally in order to “master” advanced technologies.

He warned the summit’s attendees that the world could “escape our power” if they don’t act swiftly.

Schwab highlighted how “fourth industrial revolution technologies” will play a role in his “Great Reset” agenda.

He then declared: “Who masters those technologies – in some way – will be the master of the world.”

“Ten years from now we will be completely different,” Schwab said.

“My deep concern [with] fourth industrial revolution technologies, if we don’t work together on a global scale, if we do not formulate, shape together the necessary policies, they will escape our power to master those technologies.”


Meanwhile, Twitter boss Elon Musk also spoke at the World Government Summit.

However, Musk didn’t exactly tell the globalist attendees what they wanted to hear, as Slay News reported.

Musk warned that trying to form a “single world government” could cause “civilization” to “collapse.”

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