VIDEO: Gun-Wielding Thugs Terrorize Motorists

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Gun-wielding thugs terrorized Memphis motorists over the weekend. Watch video below.

Video, which was posted on social media, shows two cars filled with thugs spinning out and doing donuts on a busy stretch of roadway.

The video also shows two men hanging out of one of the vehicles waving guns.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior happens all the time on Memphis roadways. Thugs drive upwards of 100 mph on the interstate causing accidents and mayhem.

And on side streets – it’s not unusual to see young thugs waving guns at other motorists.

Memphis has been controlled by progressive Democrats for generations. And the current crop of city council members are not fans of police.

It’s also worth noting that Memphis has a George Soros-style district attorney who is soft on crime and favors letting criminals out of jail without bond.

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