Video: John Kerry Gets Humiliated by French Reporter

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(SNews) – John Kerry got humiliated by a French reporter who grilled Democrat President Joe Biden’s “climate czar” about the Iraq war disaster.

Kerry tried to get on his high horse about Russia’s disastrous war with Ukraine, causing the reporter to drop the hammer.

Like most of our failed leaders, Kerry has too many skeletons in his closet to be taken seriously.

But America’s corporate media system will never hold these failures to account and make them answer for what they did.

Thankfully this brave reporter did.


Liberal reporter Glenn Greenwald shared a video of the encounter on Twitter, saying:

“This is hilarious: John Kerry is on a tour flamboyantly depicting Russia as a rouge state for invading a sovereign country, only for French journalist Darius Rochebin to remind him the US has invaded multiple countries, and Kerry himself voted to authorize the Iraq War.

“The complete lack of self-awareness on the part of the US establishment sometimes shocks me, despite the contempt I harbor for them.”

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A Twitter user said: “So this French tv host asks John Kerry if there isn’t a double standard between the US’s position on Putin for his ‘war of aggression’ and the fact they don’t think those standards apply to Bush for Iraq.

“John Kerry, embarrassed, replies Iraq wasn’t a war of aggression.”

Jack Posobiec said:

“There is an entire corporate media internal apparatus that exists to make sure regime leaders don’t get asked questions like this.

“Kudos to the reporter for his integrity here.”

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