VIDEO: Liberal “The View” MOCKS Trump’s Grandchildren

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(SNews) – The hosts of “The View” showed their true colors and celebrated the indictment of Donald Trump but forgot one small detail that will ruin all the fun. They took shots at not only Trump but his grandkids in a classless display.

“I called it,” said co-host Sunny Hostin. “No one is above the law. You can’t commit so many crimes and think that you are above the law, even if you are the president. What goes around, comes around.”

Ana Navarro said, “I was reading this article where Ivanka and Jared apparently want to start their new life in Miami, and I was thinking, ‘You know, they now can give their children the distinction of having matching mugshots for both of their grandfathers.”

“You can pick whether you want Charlie Kushner or Donald Trump mugshot if you are Jared and Ivanka’s child.”

“I’ve heard many Republicans say that, you know, this is the destruction of democracy.

“No, it is the strengthening of democracy, and the justice systems, that we are holding everybody accountable.”

Joy Behar gloated:

“It really is a celebration of the law.”

When Hillary Clinton’s name was mentioned, Joy said: “I hope she’s enjoying this.”

The View forgets that Trump has secret service protection for life. By law. An indictment or jail won’t change that.

Nor will Biden, if he could get the GOP in the House to go along with it, because Joe is afraid he will be next.

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Trump may get this case tossed because it is so weak before trial. He may get a venue change and get a more favorable jury pool.

But if he does ever get convicted, and New York can make the case to jail him despite their ‘reforms,’ Trump can play his ace card.

The secret service.

No judge is going to sentence the secret service to jail so Trump ain’t going to jail. Who was the Manhattan DA talking to about making arrangements for Trump to come in? The secret service. Worst case he lives on his golf course and eats at his restaurant as he does know with the secret service as his ‘jail.’

Which is what he does today.

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