VIDEO: Ted Cruz Absolutely Humiliates CNN

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(SNews) – Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) reached his limit with CNN and gave the failing network an ultimatum after CNN posted an article titled, ‘This family is moving to Italy because they’ve had enough of the US.’ The article says:

“In 2019, the Dawkins family – Nadine, 59, her husband, Kim, 61, and their children Lorenzo, 29, and DeNae, 27 – bought a charming home in the town of Latronico. In the southern region of Basilicata, the town of 4,000 inhabitants is located within the pristine Pollino National Park and surrounded by hot springs.

“The family decided they wanted to leave the US in 2020, following the murder of George Floyd. It showed the world how we as Black people in America have been treated for centuries,” says Nadine.

“All the racism, all the divisiveness, all the hate that the last administration brought to the forefront” has caused an “exodus” from America of Black people who have the means to do so, she says.

“Basically, police brutality towards Black people, mass shootings from domestic terrorists, and just the overall hate in this country is why we are leaving the USA.”

“We need to get out of America, so we leave.

“The US is a divided and a very divisive country, voting rights are being rolled back and Black history is undone. I’m tired,” says Nadine.

Kim, meanwhile, says that the only challenge in Latronico was overcoming language barriers, and getting used to the isolation.

“People are patient for me to use my translator each time, and the village is remote so you really need a vehicle to move around beyond the places within walking distance,” he says.

“But the great thing is that even at night you can leave the keys in the door. It’s a quiet, safe place that gives peace of mind,” the article said.

Enter Ted Cruz who said: “If CNN hates America so much, they are welcome to move elsewhere.”

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