VIDEO: Ukraine Caught Faking Air Raid Sirens During Biden Visit

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(SNews) – The Ukrainian government has been accused of setting off fake air raid sirens for dramatic effect during Democrat President Joe Biden’s visit to Kyiv on Monday.

As videos emerged of Biden walking through the streets of Ukraine’s war-torn capital city, many were quick to notice that nobody was reacting to the sirens as they sounded off loudly in the background.

Videos show the air raid sirens, which are used to warn of approaching danger, started going off as Biden walked the streets.

Nobody appears to respond to the warning sound, however.


The corporate media has been praising Biden as a “brave” president with the “guts” to walk the streets of a warzone.

Despite the praise of Biden’s “leadership” for walking the streets as to the “real soundtrack of an air raid siren,” people on the ground argue that it was all theater.

A CNN reporter, who had been in Ukraine for the past five days before Biden arrived, has suggested that the Ukraine government was putting on a show for the media.

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“I’ve been here for the past five days,” CNN’s Alex Marquardt said Monday.

“I have not heard any explosions.

“I have not heard any air sirens, until about half an hour ago, right when President Biden was in the center of Kyiv.”


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