WATCH: Americans FURIOUS After Leaked Border Video Emerges

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(SNews) – Hollywood star James Woods has called for Democrat President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris to both face impeachment over the crisis at the Southern Border.

Woods was shocked at new pictures and videos emerging from the border.

He responded by calling Biden and Harris to face impeachment and warned history will judge them harshly.

Videos from the border were shared on Twitter/X by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin.

Melugin said in the post:

“One of the largest mass illegal crossings we have ever seen took place in Eagle Pass, TX this morning, with Border Patrol sources telling us over 2,200 people crossed there since midnight.

“It happened right next to the port of entry, as illegal immigrants continue to ignore Biden admin messaging of ‘do not come,’ & do not fear the promised ‘consequences’ for crossing illegally.

“Videos from source in MX & our FOX drone team on US side.”

James Woods responded with:

“The Biden administration’s support of mass illegal immigration will be judged harshly by history, if indeed any Americans will be still be here to read it.

“This is a catastrophe.

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“An irreparable tear in the fabric of our Republic.

“Both Biden and Harris need be impeached for this.”

X boss Elon Musk also weighed in on the damning footage.

Musk noted that people from all over the world are flooding the open Southern Border to get free access to America and claim “asylum.”

“Most people don’t understand that this is not a case of people from Mexico entering the US, but anyone from Earth,” Musk said.

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