WATCH: Armed Hero Steps In, Saves Elderly Man From Carjacking

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(Slay News) – An unidentified man is being called a hero after he stepped in and stopped a carjacking in progress that targeted an elderly Asian man in Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile area.

The advocacy group Black and Asian Souls Unite posted a video of the thwarted on Instagram with the caption:

“Was sent to us by a follower. The guy wearing all black attempted to carjack an elderly Asian man out of his car when the Black guy with the gun intervened and well you can see what happens next.”

What happens next is the man with the gun gets the victim’s keys from the thug, returns them, and chases the carjacker away.

“Get the f*ck off my street!” the Samaritan yells at the criminal. The criminal hesitates and the man fires a warning shot in the air.

He yells at the criminal, “You come around here bullying people on my f*cking street, n*gga?”

Miracle Mile Zone 7 Rep. Thao Tran who is the chair of Public Safety & Wellbeing Mid City West Neighborhood Council, said the incident happened on April 27 of this year at the intersection of Wilshire and Ridgely in Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile area.

“This video was provided by a resident, to one of my fellow LAPD volunteers.” she said. “When I reviewed the video, I felt strongly that it had to be shared.”

Social media users applauded the hero and denounced the thug.

“The man yelling, ‘thank you.’ I thank him,” journalist Lisa Ling said.

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Actor and producer Will Lex Ham chimed in, “Yes! THANK YOU!”

“This is amazing. Please please please keep up this energy on BOTH sides. We’re in this together yall,” user @soft.baked wrote.

“Good man. Dim sum or Korean BBQ on me,” another user said.

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