Watch: Biden’s Unbelievable Gaffe-Filled Lithuania Visit

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(SNews) – Democrat President Joe Biden has continued to be the subject of widespread mockery from foreign nations during his gaffe-filled visit to Lithuania this week.

While visiting the Eastern European nation, Biden managed to confuse Russia and Ukraine as well as their two leaders.

Biden’s trip to Lithuania is meat to shore up support for the West’s never-ending war between Ukraine and Russia.

On Wednesday, while speaking to the NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, Biden referred to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as “Vladimir,” seemingly confusing him with Russian President Putin.

Appearing to not realize his mistake, Biden went on to say he “shouldn’t be so familiar,” and referred to the Ukrainian leader as “Mr. Zelensky.”


Putin and Zelensky each hold a different version of the same name.

“Volodymyr” is the most commonly used version in Ukraine.

At a later speaking event following the summit, Biden confused the two nations, referring to Ukraine as Russia.

“Russia could end this war tomorrow by withdrawing its forces from Ukraine and recognizing its international borders and ceasing its attacks – its inhumane attacks – on Russia – I mean by Russia on Ukraine,” Biden said, correcting himself.

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Biden also embarrassed himself with other slurring, rambling statements.


The gaffes are just the latest in a string of near-constant fumbles by Biden.

Last month, Biden told reporters that Putin was “clearly losing the war in Iraq.”

They’ve also led to frequent questioning of Biden’s cognitive abilities as president.

Should the 80-year-old win a second term as president, he will be 86 when he leaves the White House.

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