WATCH: CBS Issues CRAZIEST ‘Climate Change’ Warning Yet

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(SNews) – CBS News has claimed, without evidence, that “climate change” is causing airplane turbulence to worsen.

The report from the “news” outlet came following an incident of severe turbulence aboard a flight from Phoenix to Hawaii this week.

During the incident, 36 people were hurt.

In response, some corporate media outlets published misleading reports claiming that turbulence is now more dangerous because of “climate change.”

Yahoo News issued an article with the headline “How climate change may have contributed to Hawaiian Airlines’ dramatic turbulence.”

CBS News then upped the ante by producing a piece claiming that “climate change” has made turbulence more deadly.

As detailed in the above report, the source for the articles was Taylor Garland.

Garland is a spokesperson for the Association of Flight Attendants.

According to Garland, turbulence caused by severe weather is going to become more common due to climate change.

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There is, of course, no actual data to support the claim, which came from a flight attendant.

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