Watch: Chris Christie Booed By Crowd After Trashing Trump

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(SNews) – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was booed after he attacked President Donald Trump while giving a speech at the Faith and Freedom conference today.

Christie, who is running against Trump in the 2024 Republican presidential primary, took swiped at the 45th POTUS as his own campaign looks doomed.

“I’m running because he’s let us down,” Christie said.

“He has let us down because he’s unwilling, he’s unwilling to take responsibility for any of the mistakes that were made and any of the faults that he has and any of the things that he’s done.

“And that is not leadership, everybody.

“That is a failure of leadership,” Christie added before the crowd started boo.

As the boos grew louder Christie said: “You can boo all you want.

“If all you do is disagree with someone, and in return, you get that type of treatment, then I’ve joined a great list of Americans like Rex Tillerson, Jim Mattis, Mark Esper, Mick Mulvaney, and John Kelly.

“You can love him all you want.

“Trump’s actions made our country smaller.

“This is what happens when you tell the truth, it’s okay.”

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Christie also trashed Trump yesterday.

According to The Hill:

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie on Thursday said former President Trump “can’t avoid” the GOP presidential debates as he runs for the White House in 2024.

“Trump says he doesn’t ‘think it’s fair’ for him to have to debate.

“Crybabies and losers say life isn’t fair.

“And Trump is both.

“Want to be President? Then get in the ring pal…” Christie wrote on Twitter.

Trump has previously suggested that because he’s polling as the GOP front-runner, he doesn’t need to engage in the primary debates.

“When you’re way up, you don’t do debates,” Trump said in April.

“If you’re even or down you do debates, but when you’re way up, what’s the purpose of doing the debate?”

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