WATCH: Crazed Climate Activists Caught In Humiliating Hypocrisy

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(SNews) – Leading activists with climate change protest group Just Stop Oil have admitted that they drive gas-powered cars, despite campaigning to have such vehicles banned.

However, they still claim that this doesn’t make them hypocrites.

“Dr. Larch Maxey, 50, a climate scientist from the eco group, said some members still drive cars and fill up with petrol – but rejected the idea that it was hypocritical,” reports the Telegraph.

The activist leaders argue that they are “victims” of the “fossil fuel economy.”

Maxey says that people who call for the oil industry to be shut down but then drive gas-powered cars shouldn’t be called out for hypocrisy because they’re “just doing our best within that to push for the necessary change.”

Last year, it was also revealed that the leader of Insulate Britain, another Extinction Rebellion offshoot, doesn’t even insulate his own home.

Insulate Britain is behind a series of major road-block protests across the UK.

One of the main objectives of the protests is calling on the government to insulate all social housing by 2025.

The group argues that the amount of wasted energy that is pumped out of people’s homes is a major contributor to “climate change.”

However, Liam Norton, the leader of the environmental group, admitted during an interview that he “doesn’t care about insulation.”

Speaking on talkRADIO, presenter Cristo Foufas asked Norton about why he doesn’t insulate his home.

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He replied: “Because I’m a hypocrite.”

Foufas pressed him further, adding: “Do you understand why people will think, well, this guy doesn’t care about insulation, he only cares about causing disruption and trying to make a name for himself?”

“Yeah, they’re right,” Norton said.

“I don’t particularly care about insulation.”


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