Watch: Dan Bongino Reveals Why He Really Left Fox News

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(SNews) – Fox News host Dan Bongino has revealed the real reason he’s leaving the network.

Bongino’s enemies have been smearing him with allegations that he was fired by the network, but that is not the case.

He went on Megyn Kelly’s show to set the record straight.

“I think a lot of people think this may be some kind of anti-Trump thing,” Bongino said.

“I gotta say — that wasn’t my case. I was not targeted.

“My show, they were dying to re-up — we negotiated for an entire year.

“So I can’t tell you like, ‘Oh, Fox got rid of me,’ because they didn’t.

“The liberal jerk wads are gonna go, ‘Oh Dan Bongino was fired.’

“I just give them the middle fingers. It’s just stupid.

“I negotiate my own deals. I don’t have an agent.

“I do my own business deals.

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“I don’t need any, I do my own business.”

“They wanted the show.

“I just had a different vision for my role at the network and that’s okay.

“I’m not the Saturday guy, Megyn, I’m sorry I can’t work six days a week.

“I’ve got young kids and I’m not working six days a week.

“And even though we recorded the show on Friday, you know, the inside baseball of Fox, what happens when there’s breaking news?

“Which with Trump out there is all the time — you gotta be on.

“It’s hard — so I couldn’t do it.

“And I said, ‘I’m sorry, that’s not gonna work out.’

“So I definitely was not fired.

“Liberals are just making that up, but I’m not the easiest guy to deal with Megyn.

“And the thing, I think your success out there on your own has bought you is freedom.

“Money buys freedom.

“I was in a position with them where I could walk away from a show on Fox and say, ‘I’m sorry, that’s not my vision.’

“And it’s different.

“But someone told me later that, you know, in the end, they weren’t that eager the last few weeks to make this thing work because, ‘you could be a little aggravating to work with’ and they’re not wrong,” Bongino said.


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