WATCH: Dan Bongino Shuts Down Biden’s ABSURD Lie

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(Slay News) – Dan Bongino shut down President Joe Biden’s absurd claim that inflation will get worse if Republicans win control of Congress in the critical midterm elections next month.

Biden said in Los Angeles with a straight face:

“If Republicans win, inflation’s going to get worse. It’s that simple. We’ve got an election in the month.

“Voters have to decide. Democrats are working to bring down the cost of things they talk about around the kitchen table, from prescription drugs, to health insurance, to energy bills and so much more,” Biden said.

Enter Dan Bongino:

“There’s multiple universes there too, in the Biden White House.

“These guys are full of crap all the time.

“There’s the real universe and there’s the full-of-crap universe.

“That’s the Biden universe. Real, full of crap; real, full of crap.

“So they’re full of crap on inflation.

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“You ever see this guy Biden? He’s always chatting about inflation as if he did something to stop it with the Inflation Reduction Act or whatever.

“So he gives a speech today talking about how Republicans, if they get in office, are going to make inflation worse, which is really weird because inflation was 1.2% year over year before this guy took office.

“It’s now seven points higher.

“Does he ever tell the truth?

“The Wall Street Journal covered this. And then he said, ‘You know, we had to print a whole bunch of money to inflate and inflate away the dollar.’ Why? ‘Because the economy needed help.’

“Actually, that’s not right either, there, Joe B.

“The economy was growing at about 6% GDP annualized before you got in office, and now we’re shrinking,” he said.

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