WATCH: Fani Willis Goes On BIZARRE Rant Against Her Critics

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Fani Willis, the District Attorney of Fulton County, fearlessly confronted those who criticized her, accusing them of objectifying black women and trying to “shame” her in a recent interview.

At the age of 52, Willis, who has faced backlash for her involvement with Nathan Wade, a former high-ranking prosecutor in her extensive election racketeering case, firmly asserted that she remains resilient despite the ongoing attacks.

“I spend no time thinking about them. I’m too busy celebrating our fineness, our beauty, our success, our wisdom, but most of all our hearts to be bothered by attacks from anyone,” Willis claimed to a lively crowd at the Turner Chapel AME Church in Georgia.

“See, that’s why they mad. Because while they over there running [their] mouth, I’m over here paying them no mind, thriving [sic],” she continued.


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