WATCH: Joe Rogan HITS Fake News CNN: “People Know They’re Full of…”

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(Big League Politics) – Podcaster and MMA commentator Joe Rogan criticized the dishonest coverage of fake news channel CNN on Friday’s edition of the Joe Rogan Experience, lamenting the network’s hyperpartisan editorial bias and pointing out its numerous journalistic inaccuracies.

Rogan pointed to claims from CNN that they were shedding the network’s unpopular editorial content in favor of “hard news,” likening it to the channel’s dramatic drop in ratings. CNN lost more than 90% of its viewers in 2021, going belly-up in the wake of a media-driven Trump-focused reality show.

Rogan was speaking with conservative commentator James Lindsay.

“Most people don’t know that, though, most people aren’t aware of it,” Rogan said. “It’s not just that [their programming] sucks, it’s that it’s preposterous.”

“It’s also the smugness in which they disseminate propaganda,” Rogan continued. “People know that they’re full of s***, and they’re doing it with a smugness and it turns people off. It would turn people off even if they were accurate.”

CNN has attacked Rogan with a series of slanderous hitpieces, most prominently falsely claiming that Rogan was utilizing a “horse dewormer” to treat a coronavirus. (Rogan was actually using ivermectin, an anti-parasitical drug that’s been used to treat billions of humans since its creation.)

Rogan pointed out CNN’s incessant focus on “shaming” the Democratic Party’s political opponents, arguing that no real journalist could devote their work solely on protecting and fluffing the political reputation of those who hold political power.

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