WATCH: Judge Jeanine Pirro RIPS Into Hillary Clinton

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(SNews) – Fox News star Judge Jeanine Pirro overruled failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and predicted a massive red wave this November. Hillary went on MSNBC to trash the Republicans and try to scare the Dems into showing up and the polls and stopping the inevitable.

Hillary said: “The Republicans talk a good game, but they rarely do anything, other than try to take away your freedoms, undermine the quality of our life, make our political discourse violent instead of bringing people together. Why reward that behavior?

“I think that with all of the noise that we’ve gotten in this election season I don’t think that people are really able to grasp that. But more importantly, I’m not sure they really understand the threats to their way of life.

“They may think that whoever’s chairing a committee, you know, kind of abstract.

“But the Republicans in the House and others like the chair of the Republican Senate Campaign Committee are on record saying they’re going to put Social Security and Medicare up for a vote.

“Now I don’t understand why every American, not just people eligible for those two programs that they have paid into that they have worked hard for, that they have earned, are not up in arms.

“We’ve got lots of problems right now in our country.

“We need sensible people to come together to try and solve them.

“The last thing we need is to make life even harder for the vast majority of Americans because it’s not just seniors who would have Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block.

“It would be their children and their grandchildren who would have to step in and fill the hole that they had left.

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“I didn’t see a big outpouring on the part of elected officials to stand with Nancy Pelosi the way she has stood with Republicans as well as Democrats in times of real terror like on Jan. 6.

“So ask yourselves, please, why would you entrust power to people who they themselves are unable to see how terrible it is that someone may be attacked in their home or don’t really care because they somehow think it’ll get them votes or get them elected?

“This is a real threat to the heart of democracy,” Clinton said.

Enter Judge Pirro:

“If you don’t agree with her philosophy, then you are a rube & a redneck who doesn’t understand the threat to your way of life.

“Hillary, we fully understand your threats to our way of life – i.e. fake dossiers, Russia collusion & condescension.

“That’s why there will be a red wave.”

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