Watch: Liberal City Residents Finally Revolt Against Crime

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(SNews) – Oakland residents have finally revolted against crime in the city and the leaders’ “failed policies.”

During a community safety meeting this week, residents blasted leadership for allowing crime to run wild by refusing to lock up criminals.

The meeting was hosted by City Council Member Dan Kalb.

It included representatives from the Oakland Police Department and Oakland’s Department of Violence Prevention.

Hundreds of fed-up residents attended the meeting.

The resident told the meeting: “It’s all women.

“Two kids beat the sh*t out of me in front of my house last Monday night.

“Down on the pavement.

“Punching me, kicking me, dragging me through the street.

“When you signal to the community that the police are the problem, what do you expect?

“All the people in this room, we are the victims of a failed progressive utopia.

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“Your policies have failed,” the resident blasted.

“That’s why all this stuff is happening because you didn’t start by citing people for these low-level crimes–and don’t tell me it’s profiling because you can’t even see who’s in the car.

“If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

“But if there is no time, go ahead and do the crime, right?”

“He’s been naked,” one store owner said about a man living in front of his shop.

“He’s masturbated in front of them.

“He’s urinated in front of them.

“And there’s nothing I’m told that the police can do.”


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