WATCH: Liberal Host HUMILIATED After Attacking Elon Musk

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(SNews) – Media leftist Keith Olbermann humiliated himself when he tried to call out Elon Musk over his response to the Jan. 6 Tapes.

Like many Americans, Musk has been outraged at the false narrative being pushed by the Democrats and media regarding Jan. 6.

Musk has joined the mounting calls for the release of the Jan. 6 political prisoners after the lie was exposed by Tucker Carlson’s recent reports.

Olbermann, a former ESPN commentator who resigned from that role in 2020 to post unhinged rants on social media, tried to blast Musk over his position on Twitter.

Spoiler alert: He failed.

Twitter boss Musk recently opined on Jacob Chansley, dubbed “the QAnon Shaman” by the media.

Musk thinks that Chansley was unfairly characterized by the media following January 6, 2021.

This opinion, which would have been censored on Twitter before Musk’s takeover, has many liberals furious.

Olbermann is one such angry Twitter “blue check.”

Regardless of if you agree with Musk’s hot take, there’s no denying that Olbermann certainly embarrassed himself with an attempted comeback.

Originally, after Olbermann attacked Musk’s political opinion, the Twitter CEO sarcastically asked the former sportscaster if he’d ever considered a career in comedy.

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Olbermann then asked Musk:

“Have you considered a career in business, @elonmusk?”

Musk responded humbly and hilariously:

“I do hope to succeed in business 🤞”

Considering that Musk is a successful businessman by almost anyone’s definition, the subject almost changed from the original one, to how cold of a take Olbermann’s insult was in the replies.

Here are a few of the responses:

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