WATCH: Looters Pillage Philadelphia Walmart — Steal Big-Screen TVs

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(Breitbart) – Looters in Philadelphia protesting the shooting of an armed Black man by police turned to pillaging a Walmart store and stealing big-screen televisions.

Multiple videos shot from the vantage point of news helicopters show looters ransacking a Philadelphia Walmart store. The parking lot is littered with big-screen TV boxes discarded after loading the units into their vehicles.

Another view shows someone attempting to drive off with a large-screen TV on top of the car. The box slides off and is dumped in the parking lot. Another vehicle appears to drive over another TV box.

Looters also broke into a Rite Aid pharmacy store and began more looting.

The looting comes during the second night of protests in Philadelphia over the shooting death of an armed Black man by two police officers.

During the first night, rioters injured 30 police officers leaving one in the hospital with a broken leg.

Police make more than 90 arrests during the first night’s melee.

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