Watch: Marjorie Taylor Greene Drops Biden Criminal Bombshell

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(SNews) – Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took off the kid gloves after finally getting access from the FBI to view a document containing criminal accusations against President Joe Biden from an informant.

She didn’t not waste words and called for the prosecution of Joe Biden. She said before she saw the document:

“I’m headed to the SCIF to view the UNclassified FD-1023 FBI form implicating Joe Biden in a political bribery pay-to-play scheme. The document the FBI says is too dangerous for the American people to see.”

She said after viewing the document: “This is an impeachable document. President Biden should be impeached. Secondly, he should be prosecuted. This is unbelievable. It’s a pay-to-play scheme.

“He took a bribe from a from a foreign national in a foreign country that paid millions of dollars.

“He needs to be prosecuted for this, and I would argue that he should serve jail time.”

“If we were not politically divided, if we were the United States that used to exist, that is righteous and just, if we were a just nation, Joe Biden would be impeached.

“No one could argue with this.

“Democrat or Republican, I would say no one can argue with it now.

“Reading this form today shows the pure distinction. This information, this source that came forward, it’s a paid informant by the FBI.

“Basically what’s happening there is back in 2015-2016, Burisma was looking to buy a U.S.-based oil and gas company and this came from being advised by Hunter Biden and his partners.

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“They hired Hunter on the board to make the problems go away. That’s what they specifically said.

“Hunter advised that they could raise more money if they bought a US company.

“We’re going to continue to look into every single thing that we can uncover.

“We need the FBI to keep cooperating with us.

“That’s extremely important.

“And I have very high expectations of Christopher Wray that he’ll do the right thing and continue showing us the information that we’re asking for,” she said.

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