WATCH: Mike Pence Sets Biden’s Press Sec STRAIGHT

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(SNews) – Mike Pence set White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre straight after she said during a press briefing that the White was watching Elon Musk and Twitter. Pence was on Fox News hit show ‘Outnumbered’ where he said:

“The foundation of America is freedom. The freedom of speech, free and independent press, is a bulwark of why this nation is extraordinary and exceptional.

“The suggestion that the president of the United States is keeping a close eye on any element of the media is deeply offensive to me. I think Elon Musk is exactly right.

“We ought to err on the side of freedom and freedom of speech.”

Martha MacCallum said:

“I think it strikes fear in the hearts of a lot of people in Washington and in some of the media that he’s going to allow light to be shown into this.

Ainsley Earhardt said:

“We’re seeing that happening little by little in our country.

“I don’t know why everyone’s so upset with Elon Musk and why they want him to not buy Twitter and they’re scared of what he’s going to do.

“He just wants free speech. This is not a revolution.”

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At a White House press briefing recently, Reuters’ reporter Andrea Shalal asked, “There’s a researcher at Stanford who says that this is a critical moment, really, in terms of ensuring that Twitter does not become a vector of misinformation.

“Elon Musk says there are more and more subscribers coming online, are you concerned about that and what tools do you have – who is it at the White House that is really keeping track of this?”

Karine Jean-Pierre said the White House is ‘keeping a close eye’ on Musk and Twitter.

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