WATCH: MSNBC’s Top Analyst FURIOUS After Liberal Comedian SHREDS Propaganda

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(SNews) – Russell Brand shut down a star MSNBC analyst on Bill Maher’s show last night calling the liberal network propaganda network to his face. Brand and MSNBC analyst John Heilemann were on Maher’s HBO show Real Time last night.

Brand said: “It is disingenuous to claim that the biases that are exhibited on Fox News are any different from the biases exhibited on MSNBC. It’s difficult to suggest that these corporations exist as anything other than mouthpieces for their affiliate owners in Black Rock and Vanguard.

“They didn’t understand the basic tenets of journalism. No one was willing to stick up for genuine American heroes like Edward Snowden.

“No one was willing to talk about Julian Assange and what he suffered trying to bring real journalism to the American people and I think to sit within the castle of MSNBC throwing rocks at Fox News is ludicrous.

“Make MSNBC better. Make MSNBC great again.

“We have to take responsibility for our own perspective,” Brand said, and later added, “I’ve been on that MSNBC, mate. It was propagandist nut-crackery.”

Heilemann said:

“I’d like to hear a specific example—approval—specific example of an MSNBC correspondent or anchor, being on television saying something they knew was false and were saying behind the scenes to people this is, ‘I’m about to go out’ and ‘we know, that we know that the election wasn’t stolen, but I will go I will go out on television and say the opposite.’”

“You don’t actually know anything about the organizations you’re talking about. You’ve been on MSNBC once.

“Big f*cking deal.”

Brand said: “Do you want an example?

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“The ludicrous, outrageous criticisms of Joe Rogan around ivermectin, who were deliberately referring to it as a horse medicine when they knew it was an effective medicine.”

“We need new political systems that legitimately represent ordinary Americans so that we can overcome cultural differences and bickering about which propagandist network is the worst is not going to save a single American life, not improve the life of a single American child, not going to improve America’s standing in the world, and the world needs a strong America,

“I’ll tell you that,” he said.

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