Watch: Newly Uncovered Kamala Video Proves Trump Was Right The Whole Time

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(SNews) – Kamala Harris has been a flop as vice president.

Even her supposed strength, her ability to give a speech and debate issues, turned out to be a mirage.

She can’t even get through friendly interviews without embarrassing the country.

And now, a skeleton has crawled from the VP’s closet to add further embarrassment to Democrat President Joe Biden, who named Harris his so-called “border czar.”

A video from 2018 has surfaced of Harris trashing President Donald Trump for sending troops to the southern border.

The video emerged as Biden agreed to deploy troops to the border to deal with the migrant surge as the president ends Trump’s successful Title 42 policy.

In the video, Harris trashes Trump for sending troops to the border, calling the move “inappropriate and a demonstration for the cameras.”

“I also believe that the administration made a decision to deploy them based on a political agenda and I believe that it is inappropriate to require the limited resources of the United States military to be used in such a way,” she said.

“When it was, you know, these folks who are being deployed there, they’re gonna leave, they’ve left their families, they will not be home, it looks like, for Thanksgiving.

“And all because there needed to be some demonstration for the TV cameras based on a political agenda instead of what is a national security threat.”


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