WATCH: Oscars Attendees Wear Masks Despite Being Vaccinated and Tested

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(The Post Millennial) – Actress Regina King opened the 93rd Academy Awards in Downtown Los Angeles Sunday night by informing the audience that attendees were still wearing masks, even though they have been following rigorous COVID protocols including getting vaccinated, tested, and re-tested.

Although the multi-millionaire celebrities in attendance are shown mask-less on screen, King indicated that once cameras are done rolling they are immediately required to put them back on.

“Yes, we are doing it mask-less. You are probably asking how are they able to do that?” said King.

“Well, think of this as a movie set. An Oscars movie with a cast of over 200 nominees. People have been vaxxed tested, retested, socially distanced, and we are following all of the rigorous protocols that got us back to work safely,” King continued.

Individual’s across social media quickly called out King’s remarks and asked the important question that if the attendees are all vaccinated, why are they still required to wear masks?

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