WATCH: Police BAN F*ck Trudeau Flags

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(The Post Millennial) – A group of protesters on Parliament Hill in Ottawa said that they were told that their F*ck Trudeau signs are prohibited from being displayed on the Hill.

Video posted by Leigh Stewy on Twitter shows demonstrators being confronted by officers, who reportedly inform them about the apparent rules regarding signage.

“Today, police hand protesters a piece of paper that says the flag that they’re carrying is offensive and must leave,” the Twitter user captioned the footage uploaded Saturday. “You think this is bad? Wait until Bill C36 and Bill C11.”

“They’re saying that F*ck Trudeau flags are not allowed on the Hill,” one man responds in regards to questions from a man filming asking what was happening.

“Ah, that’s a new law, is it?” the man filming questions as the female officer recites the rules. “All things considered, we’ve had it worse than that,” the man says after in the clip, adding: “This must be personally from Justin [Trudeau].”

The General Rules for the Use of Parliament Hill, updated in 2018, states that “messages that are obscene, offensive, or that promote hatred are prohibited.”

“In order to protect the safety and security of visitors to the Hill, protect the integrity of the lawns, and maintain line of sight for security personnel, certain restrictions apply to the use of signs,” the rules preface.

The anti-Trudeau signs were prominently displayed during the weeks-long Freedom Convoy protests that blocked the streets of Ottawa last month.

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