Watch: RFK Jr. Rips Into Barack Obama

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(SNews) – Democrat 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has blasted former President Barack Obama for emboldening Big Pharma companies during his presidency.

In a new interview, RFK Jr. explains how Obama welcomed pharmaceutical companies into his administration.

According to RFK Jr., the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, Obama made a “golden handshake with the devil.”

Kennedy explains that Obama needed the pharmaceutical industry in his corner to get his Obamacare through Congress.

In fact, Obama “couldn’t get it through Congress without them,” Kennedy said.

So he jumped into bed with Big Pharma, Kennedy said.

This agreement with “the devil,” according to RFK Jr., “was to say the government now will pay for the purchases of drugs and we will agree not to bargain.”

Obama gave Big Pharma what it wanted, RFK Jr. said.

That deal involved hundreds of billions of dollars in ultimate purchases, he charged.

The issue for Democrats was that Republicans had a platform where members could accept campaign donations from tobacco, oil, coal, chemical, and gun industries.

The Democrats, meanwhile, were limited to unions and lawyers.

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In fact, Democrats were starved for cash.

The deal opened up Democrat access to the lobbyists for pharmaceuticals.

Big Pharma makes up a bigger part of the Washington lobby than any other group.

Now, he said, Democrats are a “solid ally” of pharmaceutical industry leaders.


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