WATCH: Ted Cruz Drops The Hammer On Biden – BOOM

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(TPM) – Texas Senator Ted Cruz has identified key mistakes made by the Biden Administration that paved the way for the Ukrainian conflict in Eastern Europe.

Russia’s aggressive behavior and President Putin’s decision to invade his neighboring country was made possible because of passive behavior from the White House, Cruz said in a Saturday address at the American First Policy Foundation.

Specifically, Cruz said America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was a tipping point with historic ramifications.

“This did not have to happen,” Cruz said, describing the surrender and withdrawal as “catastrophic” and filled with “weakness and incompetence.”

“When that happened, all across the globe, America’s enemies looked to Washington and they took a measure of the man in the Oval Office, and sadly they concluded that President Biden was weak and feckless and ineffective.”

Cruz concluded his point by saying a weak president is dangerous.

“Weakness is provocative,” Cruz said.

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