WATCH: Ted Cruz OBLITERATES – “I Have Never Seen In My Life…”

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(Slay News) – Ted Cruz put President Joe Biden on notice and telling him and his hapless Vice President that the American people are about to issue a historic rebuke of their first two years in office. Ted said:

“The top three issues in the country according to national polling are number one inflation, and especially gas prices, number two crime, and number three illegal immigration.

“And all three of them the Democrat far-left agenda of Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer is a train wreck. If you look at it people are hurting. Their lives are more difficult.

“Even worse if the Democrats — God forbid — were to get elected every one of these gets worse.

“I have never seen in my life two years a government do this much damage to the country.”

I don’t think I thought it was possible that they would do this much damage and they’re engaged right now in blatant gaslighting.

“Joe Biden is tweeting out “if you elect the Republicans, inflation will go higher” — like what?

“You’ve got the White House Press Secretary saying “nobody’s crossing our southern border,” never mind the 4.4 million people that have crossed under Joe Biden.

“They’re just blatantly lying and the corporate media is corrupt and repeats their lies.

“I think we’re gonna end up with a majority in the range of 30 to 50 seats, which is historic.

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“It’s on the order of what we saw in 2010. I think that same sort of election is coming in November.

“They’re running away desperately from the failed agenda of the radical left.

“That really says something when the President of the United States is a millstone around the necks of these Democrat candidates but they’ve been rubber stamps for the radical left for two years and now they’re forced to face the voters.”

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